This is one of our company values and it applies to every single one of our projects or orders

We pride ourselves not only on the fact that we regularly provide furniture for extremely large projects, such as new HQ’s or new schemes for high profile clients and SME’s but also on the day to day work we deliver too.

We know that the smallest requirements can often be the most painful because our clients need help with immediate issues that their colleagues may be having.

It’s like comparing a paper cut to heart surgery.

With larger procedures, there is always a team helping to make sure of a successful outcome, with a paper cut you are left on your own because it is insignificant by comparison, however, the paper cut is still very painful and it’s almost impossible to escape the constant irritation it creates.

We know that this is what it feels like when FM’s have to look after the day-to-day needs of the office. We understand why small requirements need to be addressed as much as the large projects and that’s why we action them with the same diligence and enthusiasm we do our large projects.

Last week, I was so pleased to deliver a special specification pedestal to a client of mine. It’s not the fact I have sold a pedestal that made me happy, it’s the fact I was able to help someone I really like, to solve a problem he was having.

David was a great client of mine for over 12 years. During that time we worked on some fantastic projects here in the UK and his European offices.

All FM’s and industry people know that if a relationship lasts 12 years, there will have been lots of late-night and weekend installs urgent requests, last-minute changes, bespoke solutions for special requirements etc. I went through many of these with David and it’s these experiences that cement the long term relationships we have with our clients.

David retired 15 years ago, and the fact that he knew he could still call on me to help meant a huge amount. It was therefore a real pleasure to meet up with him face to face on a sunny Saturday afternoon, help him once more and catch up to find out what he’s been doing for the last 15 years rather than a few facebook conversation we have been having – it felt as though he retired last year.

Relationships Matter