Think you’ve got it tough?
There are a huge amount of discussions, workshops, opinions and decisions that are taking place about the changing workplace post-Covid and how it will change?

Now imagine running a furniture manufacturer at this moment in time. The way the workplace changes will have a direct impact on your business.

Will the products you have be applicable in the new workplace?
Will you need to produce brand new ranges?
If so, what products should you bring out?

These companies literally have to put their money where their mouth is.

Get this right and it will have a positive impact for them but get it wrong and it could have a devastating effect on the company and its employees.

I decided to interview the decision-makers of a few well known brands about their thoughts on this.

What must they be thinking?

I have interviewed the owners of the businesses, the people behind the company who have to make the big decisions – the people who are rarely seen and often not known.

Here is a teaser for the interview with Alistair Gough, the man behind Ocee Design.