Rainbow are very proud to have been delivering high quality products and service since 1990, and the fact we have been working with many clients for decades is testament to this.

This is clear to see for any company engaging with us but is difficult to appreciate if you have not worked with us before.

In the 30+ years we have been trading, we have built our company on repeat business from returning clients who trust us, as they know we have their best interests in mind at all times. Clients and contacts also recommend us, safe in the knowledge that we will deliver the highest quality products and service to the people we have been recommended too.
This has been the way Rainbow have grown organically over the years and continues to be our main business source. However, we felt it would be good to demonstrate to companies who do not know us personally, how seriously we take our business and the level of quality we deliver.

We considered how best to do this and all agreed that gaining ISO 9001 certification would be the best way to communicate our dedication to quality. Whilst looking into this, we also felt the ISO 14001 would be a good indicator of how seriously we take our corporate social responsibility and how much we want to have a positive impact on the environment. There was also a further certification which we felt would be useful too, ISO 45001, which will demonstrate how important we value the health and safety of our clients and our team.

Rather than take one on at a time, we decided to take the plunge and go for it in a big way; by tackling all three certifications in one go.

We also decided that we had to achieve a UKAS standard certification as this is the highest standard and involves a lot more input and dedication from everyone within Rainbow, rather than the box-ticking standards provided by others.

It was extremely challenging and very hard work, but we were adamant we wanted to acquire these. We believe they will show any company looking at us, especially those we have not worked with before, how committed we are to supplying a very high level of service, how much we care and consider the environment, and of course how we care about all the people we work with.

It was very rewarding to us when we were granted the certification for all three standards on our very first attempt, because it showed that the huge amount of work and dedication shown by the team in putting everything together paid off and was acknowledged by the assessors.

The clients who have worked with us previously and continue to use us, all know how dedicated we are to our service, our clients and the environment and with these accreditations, it’s now possible for companies who have not worked with us to see this too.

At Rainbow we win clients, not projects.