Over the past few years there’s been a dramatic increase in the use of lockers in the office.

Originally the domain of changing areas, gyms, factories & transport hubs, now they are an integral part of most workplaces.

The rapid increase in documents being stored electronically & the move to agile working mean the days of people having their own pedestal are numbered and this will continue.

The good news is that as well as the traditional locking systems of keys, combination and electronic locks (These will be explained in a new film soon), there have been great advances in technology for lockers.

The most advanced lockers are the smart versions because they are easy to use, can be accessed, booked and maintained remotely and offer further benefits including allocating individual lockers, group lockers, fixed-size lockers, booking lockers remotely and even notifying cleaners when lockers are free to clean.

As well as the functionality, the lockers can of course be provided in many different designs, finishes and colours to enable companies to create their own unique look and feel.

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