Everyone in the office furniture and workplace design industry knows Orangebox.

They have helped revolutionise the workplace over the past 19 years and their products have been used by millions of people.

They often lead with others following because their investment in new products and research into the changing workplace is incredible.

This hasn’t happened by luck, it’s because one of the original owners is not just a businessman, he is a product designer by trade.

As such, he wanted to make sure the products Orangebox produced were not only of high quality, they also had to be relevant in the changing workplaces which Orangebox knew were coming.

This research is part of the Orangebox DNA and is therefore continuous, so we had to get an interview with the man behind the brand.

If anyone knows how the workplace will change, he will.

Mino very rarely steps into the limelight because he has a great team to speak for the company.

I am therefore very pleased that he kindly agreed to speak with me and you will understand from the interview, why Orangebox are so successful.