You may have to wait, so please plan ahead now we’ve noticed companies are now making decisions about returning to the office, which is great news.

What we’ve also noticed though, is that our industry is suffering, as with many others at the moment, from a shortage of raw materials for many reasons.

We always advise our clients that whilst we can of course, get some products quickly if needed, the less time you have, the less choice you have.

You’ll be using the products for many years to come & it would be much better to have furniture you like, is comfortable & reflects the ideal image of your organisation, rather than products you had to buy because that’s all that was available quickly.

Whether you’re looking to move in the next month, Q3, or even Q4 of 2021, my advice would be to speak to your furniture provider as soon as you can because this shortage looks as though it will be with us for a while.

As an indication, many manufacturers are struggling to meet our end of July deadlines at the moment, just before the summer shutdown.

The changing workplace is a great opportunity for companies to improve & change their office landscape, please make the most of it & plan ahead so you can get exactly what you want.