Everything we do at Rainbow is underpinned by our 5 values which we feel very strongly about.

These were chosen by our team and summarise our approach very well;

We have a huge amount of expertise in our team and this is important when working on projects. Our experience enables us to understand not only what products will help our clients create the outcome they desire, but spot any potential problems before they happen. After all, we will have come across them during our 30+ years of trading.

Whilst experience is extremely important, we are always willing to listen and learn. New technology, new situations, changes in working practices, and new products are continuously emerging, so we have to be constantly watching, listening, and learning.

Our clients know that Rainbow always have their best interests in mind at all times. We are a company they can trust to get the best and most honest advice from.

For this to happen, we have to deliver much more than just products, and we do!

This includes suggestions to refurbish and repair clients existing products where appropriate, rather than always trying to sell new. We want the best outcome for our clients even if this means selling less furniture.

We can also provide 3D renders to help clients visualise their spaces before making big decisions, as well as providing showroom visits and sample products.

These are only a few examples of how we add value; there are many more.

In order for a project to be successful, Rainbow need to understand what a client is trying to achieve with their project or purchase.

Only when we understand this can we deliver the desired results and create the space they are looking for.

Often clients will have a clear vision of their end goal and this is great, but on other occasions they may not be completely sure, they just have a vague idea.

In either case, clients must understand that we need to work together in order to achieve the ideal solution for them.

Only by having open and honest dialogue, feedback, and trust, are we able to create and deliver the ideal project or products for our clients.

We have their best interest in mind at all times and when we work together, we make it happen.

Rainbow do not just sell furniture, we provide so much more and our proactive approach is a vital part of our offering.

We are constantly keeping ahead of the trends that will affect the workplace. This is so that we can help our clients understand the upcoming changes and take advantage of them for the benefit of their people and the organisation.

We continually update clients on new products, workstyles, and ideas as part of our relationship with them. This means that if a client is requesting a style of work or type of product that will soon be disappearing from the workplace, we ensure we notify them of this and let them know how things will change.

It’s important to us that we are proactive and allow our clients to be early adopters if they choose to be.

Whether we are delivering a brand new headquarters for a global organisation or a new boardroom for an SME, we are always proud of our projects and installations.

We know that however large or small the installation, we have made a difference to peoples’ working lives (if it is an office), social experience (if it is a hospitality project), and learning experience (if it is a library or educational space).

The fact that we are making a difference brings us a huge amount of satisfaction and this is why we are always proud of our work.

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