Ingleton Wood sought a new home for 2019, one that would implement an agile working strategy to maximise efficiency and improve staff flexibility, whilst emphasising and generally improving wellbeing through the provision of a range of individual working environments.

The office was divided into a larger ‘Collaborate’ environment made up of more traditional fixed desk arrangements for undertaking fixed pieces of work from a computer. However, the space also includes a small meeting room for confidential interaction, a high bench for layout and touch down, an enclosed booth for 4-6 person ‘huddle’ meetings and a large central hub adjacent to the kitchen for eating and more collaborative ‘open’ style workshops.

In contrast a smaller ‘Concentration’ area was also created. It includes a larger meeting room, 1-person telephone booths (for laptop work or phone calls), a 2-person 1:1 area, a high touch down bench and a couple of 1-person study booths for intense pieces of individual work. Soft seating is also located in this area for casual low-key meetings and incidental laptop work.

The space has been finished in a contemporary way with natural wall claddings from Innerspace, innovative flooring designs from Interface and unique furniture from a variety of designers, supplied by Rainbow.