Client: Barnardos
Architect: Naomi Allen
Sector: Workplace – Charity
Scope Of Work: Brand New HQ – Complete Package – Systems, Loose and Built in Storage.
Project Summary:
At Rainbow we are very proud to have worked with Naomi Allen to create the fabulous new headquarters for the charity, Barnardo’s.

As a charity Barnardo’s were extremely conscious about pricing; they wanted to ensure that every penny spent was carefully considered and the total project had to remain in budget. The issue was that they also needed to ensure the new HQ looked impressive. We worked very closely with the interior designer, Naomi Allen, to ensure these requirements were met. We achieved this throughout the project by choosing products that were well priced but still aesthetically pleasing and of good quality (for longevity purposes).

They also had a more experienced workforce than most companies because the people working there, care about the work the charity provides. However, Barnardo’s wanted to create a workspace that would also be attractive to a younger demographic too, so we also had to suggest and select products that people of all generations would like to work at and like the look of

The project was extremely interesting because of its unusual dynamics, but it was also a great opportunity to work with wonderful people. Everyone was very pleased with the completed project which was officially opened by her Majesty, the Queen.