The Brief: AT Kearney New London Office – 2018

AT Kearney, a global management consulting firm, approached Rainbow with a clear vision for their new headquarters overlooking the Thames in London. They wanted a high-quality office space that not only looked great but also aligned with their sustainability goals. They specifically mentioned their desire to reuse as much of their existing furniture as possible, including front of house meeting chairs, tables, task chairs, sit-stand desks, and bench workstations, while achieving a smart and professional aesthetic.

The Solution:

Our team of experts took on the challenge to create a sustainable and stylish office space for AT Kearney. We conducted a thorough assessment of their existing furniture and devised a plan to reuse and modify as much as possible, in line with their sustainability objectives.

We were able to reuse their front of house meeting chairs, making sure they were in good condition and met the design requirements of the new office space. For the tables, we reused 90% of them after completing 2 or 3 modifications to ensure they were functional and visually appealing in the new office layout.

AT Kearney’s task chairs and sit-stand desks were in good condition, and we were able to utilise all of them in the new office design. We also incorporated a selection of their existing bench workstations, making necessary adjustments to achieve the desired layout.

Throughout the process, we focused on minimising the environmental impact of the project by repurposing and reusing as much furniture as possible, reducing waste and embodied energy associated with new furniture production.


The AT Kearney New London Office project was successful in achieving a high-quality office space with minimal environmental impact. By reusing front of house meeting chairs, 90% of the tables, all of the task chairs and sit-stand desks, and a selection of bench workstations, we were able to significantly reduce the project’s carbon footprint and waste generation. Our team’s expertise in furniture solutions allowed us to meet AT Kearney’s goals for a stylish office space while ensuring a minimal environmental impact.