Shhhh! Here’s How to Find A Little Quiet in the Workplace

Over the generations, we’ve seen continuous changes in office design and the use of furniture. One of the more recent trends has been to move toward communal workplaces to encourage teamwork. These open spaces have some advantages but for many people, the distractions are an issue. That’s why we are seeing new approaches to office design and furniture to try to find a balance between teamwork and personal productivity.


The Workplace Cocoon

Love your co-workers but can’t wait to get away? Probably many of your employees feel the same way. Spending quality time in a quiet setting with minimal interruptions can do a lot for some people’s productivity. While some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace, for others, a little teamworking time goes a long way. The optimal work environment varies from person to person but can also depend on the project.

Fortunately, furniture and office designers have come up with creative solutions to address these issues. Need for quiet, meet the personal cocoon. The BuzziMe acoustic seating is a portable, one-person solution to reducing disruptions. This makes it easy to grab a little quiet time without requiring walls or other permanent fixtures.


Make Teamwork Exciting with the Retro-Modern Hangout Booth

The Office Fort

Many of us spent quality time as children building “forts” out of random items around the house. Perhaps you even had a tree house that allowed you, and possibly a few select friends, get away from it all without ever leaving home. Now this feeling could be available at work. Rather than a fixed workspace in a cubicle, imagine a booth that could be used for a few people working together.

A throwback to the classic booths in a diner, today’s office booths have excellent soundproofing to minimize distractions from outside the booth. Meanwhile, discussions inside the booth won’t disturb the rest of the office. The fun, modern lines, like with the Hangout booth, add an attractive design element to the office while helping productivity. These types of booths can be perfect for a few people to work together or for one person to enjoy some privacy and uninterrupted work.

The Vista Acoustic Pod for the Ultimate in Portable Privacy

The Room Within A Room

Another option for dealing for the need for privacy and/or quiet is the pod. Unlike traditional individual offices that are expensive to build yet can’t be moved, the pod solution includes the soundproofing of an office but in portable form. Pods may be rearranged, resized, and/or relocated as your business needs change.

The Vista acoustic pod features clear sides. This can help maintain the look and feel of an open floorplan office while providing a private workspace, featuring excellent soundproofing in a lightweight structure. The versatility of the pods means the possibilities are virtually limitless. Add a conference room to the middle of your office or an employee breakroom. Then, as your business grows or when you move to a larger office space, your pod packs up and moves with you. Once there, it can be reconfigured, as necessary, to fit the new space.