• Notes
  • Accommodates any monitor height in landscape or portrait view.
    Cable management system organises and hides cables throughout the Para/Flex system, providing a clean appearance with instant accessibility.
    Crossbar wings adjust front-to-back to create curved or flat displays.
    Crossbar wings unfold to accommodate three or four monitors and fold away to hide behind one or two monitors.
    Hand crank and dual-gear mechanism facilitate height adjustment of the entire display.
    Individual fine-tune adjustment allows for perfect monitor alignment.
    Monitors slide on gliders to provide effortless lateral adjustment, greatly simplifying installation and configuration.
    Quick Release mechanism allows easy uninstall of monitors.

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Very flexible, user-friendly multi-monitor display. Accommodates from two up to eight monitors. Upper row adjusts and reconfigures using a self-contained locking mechanism that requires no additional tools or parts. Creates a flat, linear display or smooth, parabolic display. Cable management system eliminates unsightly cable clutter. Allows for quick and easy moves, additions and changes.