Meet the Team

Project Co-Ordinator

Industry Experience
2 Years

Key Projects
Southampton football club
Coombes Croft Library
The Press Association
Exeter university
Ingleton Wood

Currently Sitting On
Flokk Hag Capisco

Key relationship
Looking after Peter and Seyhan

Known For
Getting things done.

Fahima is a highly organised and detail-oriented administrator, with customer service experience stretching across a variety of sectors since 2012. She brings this considerable skill to bear overseeing intricate programs for clients such as Wembley National Stadium, Press Association, and London School of Economics.

Fahima handles both the big-picture and intricate details with practiced efficiency, meaning she is able to keep all parties updated and at ease through the course of a project. Her proficiency at managing the all-important documentation combines well with her ability to field client queries and organise the corresponding solutions, utilising the information she has gathered to hand.

She has cultivated productive relationships with key supplier contacts, which enables her to secure positive outcomes for the client with minimal fuss and keep projects running smoothly, and she continues to add to her repertoire of project management skills every day.

Project Responsibilities

● Project Administration
Responsibility for document production, order placement and tracking, logistical planning and quality assurance, as well as support and back-up to senior project team members.

● Customer Service
Focus on client assistance, handling all issues and enquiries quickly and efficiently.

● Team Liaison
Working with all internal departments to ensure purchasing, accounting and logistics run in harmony to the benefit of the project.

● Day 2 Services
See to any post-installation requirements, liaising with the project administration team to support the client after the project is completed.

Contact Fahima at:

020 8881 1234